How does BDSM factor in to lesbian femdom?

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Surprisingly, BDSM can actually play a big role in lesbian femdom. Although typically thought of as a term used to describe lesbian relationships, femdom is actually a type of BDSM dynamic where one person assumes a dominant role and the other person is the submissive partner.

On the surface, it may look like the larger, more aggressive partner is the one who is actually in charge, when in fact, it is actually the smaller, more timid partner who is actually in control. This type of dynamic is similar to traditional BDSM in that physical dominance is still present, however, it is often expressed in a more sensual and intimate way.

Typically, the dominant partner in a lesbian femdom situation will be the one who takes control during the scene. This means that the domme will be the one who dictates what happens, how it happens, and how long it happens. The submissive partner will be the one who follows any instructions given to them, and will often be put in scenarios and activities that are meant to fulfill the pleasure and desire of the dominant partner.

Although the exact activities and scenarios that take place are entirely up to the individual couples, BDSM can still play a major role in lesbian femdom. Actions such as spanking, bondage, and role-play can all still be incorporated into scenes in order to heighten the pleasure and intimacy of the situation.

Additionally, the two partners can use BDSM toys such as paddles, restraints, and even whips to heighten their pleasure and intensity. This can even lead to the submissive partner achieving a higher state of pleasure that is known as ‘sub-space’. This state can be pretty intense and can last for a few days, so it’s important that the couple are both comfortable and in agreement when they decide to engage in it.

Overall, BDSM can play a major role in lesbian femdom, as it adds a level of intensity and pleasure that can otherwise be missing from the scene. It’s important that both partners feel comfortable, and that they both understand the risks involved before engaging in any sort of BDSM scene. When done correctly, however, it can be a great way to explore BDSM and heighten pleasure and the intimacy between partners. Citation.

What techniques can be used to increase pleasure during a facesitting femdom session?

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facesitting femdom sessions are becoming increasingly popular as a form of engaging and exploring dominance and submission. Practitioners of this type of BDSM play can enjoy and experience intense physical pleasure as well as emotional and spiritual satisfaction. As with any form of BDSM, it is important to ensure that boundaries and safety are adhered to in order to make these sessions enjoyable and pleasurable for all involved.

One of the most exciting and pleasurable techniques that can be used in a facesitting femdom session is sensory play. This type of play involves stimulating the senses with tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation, as well as exploring different fabrics, textures, and smells. Tactile contact is particularly important in facesitting, as it can allow the dominant to explore the submissive’s body in a more intimate and personal way. Exploring different fabrics such as faux fur, velvet, leather, silk, and latex can add a pleasant sensation and have a psychological effect as well. The dominant can also explore different smells and scents, such as food, flowers, and essential oils, as this can create an intoxicating and luxurious atmosphere.

Sensory play can be further enhanced with the use of physical restraints. This can include the use of cuffs, bondage tape, and bondage harnesses as well as the use of ropes and chains. Physical restraints can add another layer of intensity and pleasure to a session by allowing the dominant to have complete control over the submissive’s body.

The dominant can also explore light and sound during a session. This can be done through the use of candles, incense, and music that will add to the atmosphere and create a more spiritual experience. They can also use flashlights and other lights to create visually stimulating effects.

In addition to sensory play and physical restraints, teasing and edging can also be used during a facesitting session. Teasing involves stimulating the submissive with verbal and emotional stimulation as well as physical contact, while edging is focused on building arousal for a prolonged period of time. This type of play can help to create an intense build up to a more intense and pleasurable session.

Although facesitting femdom sessions can be intensely pleasurable and thrilling, it is important to ensure that both the dominant and the submissive are safe and comfortable at all times. This means adhering to the established rules and boundaries that both parties have agreed upon before entering the session. By carefully following these guidelines, it is possible to create an intimate and pleasure-filled session that will provide both partners with unforgettable memories.


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